Dos & Don’ts Of Online Dating

Online dating can be the only recourse for many people, who are looking for a likeminded friend, partner, a casual date or a serious relationship. For some, online dating is a great pastime while there are many who take it extremely seriously. Whatever is the primary purpose of you going on to online dating sites, there are some standard dos and don’ts that everyone should abide by to make the entire experience a rewarding one.


There would always be a debate on how much information on an online dating site is too much or too less. Several online dating experts have their own take on it. Some recommend that one should restrain from offering any specific information that can identify a person when one wants it to be a discreet presence. Others have promoted the idea of sharing enough details that can interest potential suitors or likeminded people. The trick to get this right is to strike a balance.

The definite do of online dating is that one should offer enough information that allows others to form an impression or opinion about the person. Such details should always be honest because that is what makes online dating sensible. Wrong information, falsifying facts or any details that are not true should never be used while creating a profile. This is in the best interest of all on an online dating site. A definite don’t of online dating is sharing absolute personal details. Sharing financial details or specific locations and details about jobs or family whereabouts are not desirable in online dating. Once you start dating someone in specific and get to know more about him or her, only then can the intimacy levels or information sharing can be escalated to different extents.


The 101 of online dating has unfortunately been an overly extrovert nature that blends in charm, self bloating and humor that often is depicted unparliamentarily. The demeanor of anyone with online dating should precisely be what one is in real life. Many people try to don a completely different avatar to impress potential suitors and while that is extremely desirable if one wishes to only have fun, such demeanor backfires if you have to take online dating forward and actually find a date and meet him or her.

With the right amount of information and a proper, natural and cordial behavior, online dating can be fun and interesting for all and sundry.