Online Dating Sites With Security in Mind

Apr 9th, 2013Uncategorizedno responses

The popularity of online dating sites is at an all time high. With internet spreading its wings and becoming omnipresent and the virtual world becoming as integral to one’s lifestyle as the real world, it wouldn’t be a surprise when almost everyone would be looking for their partner or for a casual date on online dating sites.

As with anything popular, there are also some threats that come along. The world of online dating sites has been known, albeit infamously and thus criticized for the numerous worthless websites that are there. While no one would want to explore an online dating site that doesn’t have anything substantial to offer or doesn’t have enough active members, the larger concerns among e-daters should be the security issue.

Online dating sites are the easiest targets of cyber attacks. Many people, now in their late 20s or 30s, would know how the online dating sites had been the harbinger of viruses back in the 90s and early 2000s. Today, online dating sites are not the source of virus, but something even more dangerous. Spyware, malware and phishing are what you have to guard against while choosing an online dating site.

In an ideal world, you shouldn’t be visiting any website that doesn’t have an ‘https’ instead of the general ‘http’. All popular social networks and reputed websites have ‘https’. It is not that an online dating site intentionally promotes the spread of any malware or the company operating the site indulges in malpractices or cyber attacks. The online dating sites are often targets of hackers and miscreants because there are lots of real people with information on there. Online dating sites that collect personal details including financial information for payments must be completely secured as these servers are often targeted to steal financial details.

The online dating site that you choose to use should be able to satisfy you with their security and apart from external and internal threats you should also look at the security of your details. Most e-daters simply sign up without reading the terms of use or service, the privacy policies and similar details on the online dating site. Such factors are important because you wouldn’t want your personal details, images or any activity being reported, shared or made public.

An online dating site is for personal use for something which is very personal and thus security is of utmost significance.